Covid-19 Advisory

Travel Restrictions due to the Covid-19 epidemic

Travel restrictions are changing all the time. It is essential that guests consult websites covering regulations applicable to their own point of departure and those applicable to their destination before they travel. The latest government initiative will make it necessary to check down to Barangay level for local regulations. For guests coming to St Michael’s Boarding House the following guidance is given:

For local information in Cagayan de Oro:

  1. What to do if you are coming to Cagayan de Oro: Online Pre-Arrival Coordination system

  2. Barangay Carmen:

  3. General information about Covid-19: Covid-19 Information.

Domestic Travel

For up-to-date information on domestic travel see the Philippine Airlines website.

For National guidelines see the DOH website.

International Travel

Philippine Airlines offer detailed guidance for international travellers arriving in the Philippines.

This information is given without prejudice for the benefit of guests. It is the guest's responsibility to ensure compliance with national and local guidelines. Failure to do so is not the responsibility of St Michael's House.